The Human Thinking

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An opinion or a judgment , how we conclude this?

by thinking.

It’s a free thing to do, just stuff to think about. we give more attention to those things that are important to us and which gives something in return, otherwise why waste time thinking stuff that are useless. the way of thinking is different for everyone. some think smart, some think with emotions, some think with logic. but most importantly is the output and the decision we take after thinking about those stuff. some of the decision will work for them, some might not.

How to play with people?

Let them think that you are the dump one, keep them in a dilemma. keep pushing the thoughts that you want them to believe. then when the day comes where its time to reveal stuff that you were knowing about that’s where your success is.

Planting your thoughts and forcing them to think about it is pretty hard thing to do, it requires years of experiment and practice to actually make it successful. to make them believe and plant your thoughts you need to be a shadow in their life. if you want them t think about a number eg. 42 , show the number to them, make that number a part of their life. wherever they go make sure that they see that number, subconsciously that number will keep popping up into their heads all the time, cause it became a part of their life. that’s a basic way to plant your ideas into their heads. let your ideas walk with them side by side. the human brain stores every information it sees, the only reason it doesn’t remembers cause it buried deep down in the head. how can we make them remember? by showcasing the events about it.

It’s all part of the Subconscious Mind!!

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