Behaviour of Humans and Introduction to D-A-D-A process

Talking about humans well in the previous blog i had written about who were humans and their existence.let’s get focused on the thinking of Homo sapiens, from the ancient times humans have found out a way from every situation may it be food, fire in today’s time it can be money, job etc.

But we all have heard that to get one thing we have to loose another that’s actually true, the thinking will be always same if you are getting someting good you will leave the current thing behind that’s the normal thinking of every person, if you are getting a good job you’ll obviously leave your current job no matter how good your boss is, how good your office is. some might disagree but it’s true. you don’t want to get left behind while your friends, your collegues are going forward. everyone wants a good and luxurious life, but let’s face it not everthing goes soo smoothly and easily.

every individual who is in a good situation, bad situation it’s because of his descision. some of the people make the choices without looking at the consequences they just want the end goal to be perfect no matter what they do to achieve it. the thinking of the humans can be learnt by observing the decisions they make, the judgement, they make will help you understand how an individual is thinking, there’s a difference between “how the person is thinking” and “what the person is thinking“. to get to that level with “what the person is thinking” we have to learn from “how the human is thinking“.

The D-A-D-A Process

D – Data
A – Analysis
D – Descision
A – Action

This is one of the process which everyone uses in their daily life, some might be using it subconsiously and some might be actually spending time with this. but the full form we get to know about this process so i’ll not brefiely go on this. but actually thinking about it and implementing it in real life scenarios can be sometime difficult because of the lack of information or sometimes too much of information. but some individual are very good at this example SPIES,they are the people who understad this and use this process perfectly because they are the one who founded this.

That’s all for now folks. until next time
Always remember People Believe What they Wanna Believe :’)

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